Process Engineering Group

Providing services in this section include:

  • Preparation of instructions and method of sampling boreholes and exploratory tunnels based on the saved storage model for completing and monitoring the layout of the arboreal studies.
  • Preparation of the procedure and method of preparation and crushing of the samples taken and supervising its performance.
  • Preparation of instructions and procedures for conducting pilot-scale arranger experiments to complete and supervise the factory circuit.
  • Preparation of instructions and procedures for conducting laboratory-scale ornamental tests to complete and validate previous studies and monitor the implementation of these.
  • Preparation and presentation of the blasting plant and determination of the general specifications of the equipment.
  • Provide and deliver the process flow and related utilities.
  • Design, modeling and simulating processes.
  • Perform mass balance calculations and present the results of Mass Balance Plant.
  • Selection of capacity and specification of machinery and equipment in accordance with the objectives of the design process.
  • Evaluate the correct changes in feed, fluctuations and out-of-service equipment.
  • Optimize and increase plant capacity.
  • Determine the amount of consumables and utilities required (water, electricity, fuel, etc.).
  • Estimating the requirements of industrial facilities Designing and specifying the general specifications of related equipment.
  • Estimated areas for the accumulation and harvesting of raw materials and products.
  • An initial review of the plant deployment location and the production of factory layouts and related calculations.
  • Mineral environmental studies, tailings dump and sedimentation dam.
  • Preparation of technical and engineering reports in the processing sector.

The software used in this group is:

  • PRO II
  • HTFS
  • BMCS
  • DX ۷